Academic Advantage Online
AAO or Academic Advantage Online is a company that provides digital coursework, blended learning management systems as well as professional development and training for schools across the nation.
Work Summary

My initial role in working with Academic Advantage Online was to create a logo and website with a similar look and feel of a website previously created for The Academic Advantage which had better brand recognition. Eventually it was decided that there too little distinguish and set apart the new company and I was tasked with creating a new website and print material with a new color scheme. When working on this new site and the associated print materials, I was given a lot of freedom and I feel that the outcome is a good representation of my visual aesthetic.

Logo & Web Design


The first site you see below was created to match the first site you will see on The Academic Advantage page.
You'll notice the colors, layout and logo are very similar. The second is the redesign giving the company its own identity.

AAO Design Change


Graphic Design

Click preview images to download full-size PDFs. Some files are large so they may take a moment to download.


High Level Overview Flyer

Professional Development Flyer

Pricing Sheet


AAO Folder


AAO Business Cards

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